Sandhya Menon: writer of things for teens.

Welcome to my annual blog post! 🙂

I was reading an article the other day that said writers with three or more books published are considered “mid-career” authors. They’ve established they’re not flash-in-the-pan, one-hit wonders, but rather people with healthy, active careers. And I sat there and stared and stared and stared. How did I get from being a debut, no-idea-what’s-going-on author to a mid-career, been-around-the-block-a-few-times author? How did the thing I dreamed of only when I was running a 104-degree fever come true? It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

There’s Something about Sweetie came out on May 14th, and with it, took me to mid-career status. I can now look at three of my book babies on my shelves and marvel at the fact that the world now contains three different stories by me. That’s roughly just over a quarter million words of fiction in three years. Whew.

I updated my bio because it was getting unwieldy to list all of my books published (plus the ones coming out very soon). Writing “author of several novels” really got me pumped. I’m so, so lucky, you guys. Ahh. I hope I never forget just how lucky I am, just how many millions of tiny coincidences and glimmers of luck happened to bring me to this point. And the nexus of all that luck and coincidence, of course, is reader love and support. Without that, none of this would even be possible. Again, how did I get so lucky??

Relatedly, I think my books page needs an overhaul. With the cover of Of Curses and Kisses hopefully coming soon (!), and then shortly after that, my summer 2020 rom-com (!), I think scrolling will become a pain. I’m psyched to cook something up with my web designer that’s aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. Stay tuned!