Sandhya Menon: writer of things for teens.

The news is out! My new adult romance, MAKE UP BREAK UP, will be out under a pseudonym, or pen name! The name I’ve chosen is Lily Menon.

A few readers have asked why I chose to write under a pen name. After all, MAKE UP BREAK UP is very much in the vein of my YA summer rom-coms, is it not? To which I reply, it is, with one very big exception: There’s a lot of on-page sex in it. And I’m currently writing a second adult book in which there are even MOAR on-page shenanigans. Turns out, I really like writing sexual shenanigans. Who knew?

The reason I’m making sure to differentiate between my sexy rom-coms and my generally chaste YA romances is because I’ve had readers as young as 11 in my signing lines. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for parents, booksellers, and librarians to be able to tell which one of my books was adult and which was suitable for a YA audience. Seeing “Lily Menon” on the cover is an easy-peasy visual!

It’s an open pen name, which means I don’t care if readers who already follow me know I’m writing both things. That’s why I’ve chosen to keep my Instagram and Twitter handles the same–less work for me and less confusing for readers! However, I do have a new FB group for my adult romance readers called The Swoon Squad. An endless cupcake+pajama party for all!

I’m super, super excited for readers to become as familiar with Lily as they are with Sandhya. Can’t wait for all the adult romance fun!! *gets back to writing furiously*